Computer Company Web Sites
Action Software Source for Change Action
Adobe Source for Adobe Acrobat
Allen Systems Group
BGS Software
BMC Software Service Level, Data and Security Management
Cardinal Software
Cache Valley Software Home of TAPEMNGL, the TapeXpert since 1987
Candle eBusiness at the Speed of light
Cincom Business Software
Computer Associates
Compuware Owners of former Programart Corporation (Strobe)
DBA Software
Hybrid Systems Ltd
IBI Information Builders
IBM Big Blue --- Home of OS/390 and zOS
InnerAccess Formerly Aquisoft
Landmark Systems Monitoring Tools (Omegamon, Omegamon CICS, etc)
Levi, Ray and Shoup
Macro 4 Systems
MERANT Formerly InterSolve
SAS Institute
TACT The A Consulting Team, Inc