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In December of 1997, I announced on this page that I would begin selling comics through these pages in January of 1998. This has not happened. The reasons for this are many and varied. We had just made a major move from New Mexico to Illinois, I had lots of work to do. I started in mid November setting up several web sites. These included

Cache Valley Software
Chicago from 40 Floors
The Traveling Meyers
The Carol Meyers Pages
The Vagabond Meyers
Chicago Sites
Cats Rule
Cute Trick
and this
Comics for Sale .

The setting up of this site is also more time comsuming since I have to cull through the boxes of books brought along on the move. I still am in the process of arranging and unpacking this area. Needless to say this all takes time. Now however after the crunch of the new job, the building of the new web sites, and the settling in, I am ready to press ahead with this project.

So beginning in July, 1998, we will be selling comics from this page. These comics are from a large private collection (mine) started in 1955 and running to present time. They include virtually all DC, Marvel, and other comics (starting at the beginning of the silver age and running through the early 1990's) featuring super-heroes or science-fiction themes.

Orders will be taken by e:mail on a first come first serve basis. You will be notified by return e:mail if they are still available with a total price. You will then have 3 weeks to send payment before these comics will again go on the market.

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