Converting Data

TAPEMNGL can also be used to convert data from one format or file type to another (more easily used on an MVS system). For example it will convert Honeywell data sets, VAX, and PDP datasets to normal sequential, fixed length files. It will convert CMS files to sequential files on another tape. Most of this conversion is completely automatic with TAPEMNGL. Indeed once a tape has been determined to be, say, a VAX (DEC) tape, simply running a job calling for a DECCONV will cause TAPEMNGL to take the ASCII variable length records and create EBCDIC fixed length records on a new tape. TAPEMNGL also knows enough about tape structure to stop the conversion process if the files do not meet required pre-format.

When converting PDP tapes to a more normal format for an MVS system, TAPEMNGL converts the TAB characters to the right number of blanks, pads the end of records, and even recognizes the various PDP formats being converted.

The conversion of Honeywell tapes means the converting of the OCTAL input to hexadecimal and the eliminating or replacing of the Honeywell dependent print and tab characters.

Converting CMS dump files is done by finding the directory record and creating the needed header records, then reading the previous data file and converting it to the correct fixed or variable format.

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