Search Engines
Alta Vista Power search engine for the Web or Usenet in 25 languages
Deja News Complete, simple search engine for Newsgroup posts
Dictionary Hypertext Webster Gateway
Dogpile Search Engine
Excite Top search engine using Category List and offering services such as People Finder, News, Stock Quotes, Yellow Pages, Maps, Classifieds, Horoscopes and more
FTPSearch Search FTP directories for files and programs, glob search/match or browse the contents using Navigate
Fast Search and Transfer Search FTP directories for files and programs
GoTo Search engine
HotBot Provides categories and merchant list, simple and advanced search (date, continent, description) including Newsgroups
Infoseek One of the largest and fastest search engines. Features include dictionary, channels, Desktop, news, maps and more
LookSmart LookSmart's directory of 1.5 million Web sites is indexed by 200 professional editors into more than 100,000 categories, providing quality search results and concise descriptions for each site.
Lycos Another popular, fast search engine with features such as news, web guides, free e-mail, chat, job search, sound-pictures and more
Magellan Search engine
Northern Light One of the newest, fast search engines with Custom Search Folders to help guide you to a set of focused results
Open Text Simple word-phrase text search engine with options to use frames or fewer graphics. Features include columnists, cartoons and Cool Sites
Pronet Business targeted search engine with added services such as hosting, advertising - marketing - presence campaigns, live chat forums and more
Quotations Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
SafeSearch A fast, family-oriented search engine
Thesaurus Roget's Internet Thesaurus
Switchboard Find people, businesses, email names, web pages
WebCrawler Popular search engine with advanced search. Features include personalized channel, web guides, weather, horoscope and more
What's New Too! Simple search engine with 500+ new pages announced daily, search by date and features
What U Seek Search engine
Yahoo! The most popular and organized search engine. Fast searches with many features
Zip Codes U.S. Postal Service · Search zip codes, Express Mail tracking, rates